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Previous studies have concluded that intra-urban human mobility shows a high degree of temporal and spatial regularity. The problem of navigability has seemingly become intractable with the incessant failure of both global and local environment policies. The aim of this research is to access the navigability level of roads in Ogbomoso. This is with a view to identifying how easy the strangers and residents can navigate their way through any prominent areas, road signs in the town. Data were obtained from the respondents through a well-structured questionnaire, Descriptive statistics including frequency table, Cross tabulation and Chart were used to analyze the objectives. The research shows that there are major nodes in the town but six of the roads are identified in the course of this study. The study recommended that there should be a balance between private and public transportation by encouraging local authority and other responsible bodies to expand and improve the quality of transportation services. Government should seek the indulgence of the planning authority before embarking on any development project so as to plan effectively with the people. There should be Expansion of road networks in the study area as this also aids navigability and also easy access to the prominent landmarks in the study area.