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Starch, a high polymer compound, is built up in plants by condensation of a long chain containing hundreds of glucose units. As a reserve carbohydrate it is stored in seeds, roots, stems. Starch from tubers can also be used in industries in place of cereals starch, since the extraction of starch from tubers is more easier than that of cereals, there is need to determine the quality and suitability of starch from tubers for industrial uses.

The Physico-Chemical properties and pasting properties of tuber starch that was examined at different tubers were studied. The starches were extracted from sweet potato, cocoyam, cassava and white yam. The tubers samples were subjected to starch extraction, which shows that there were increase in pasting properties; peak, trough, breakdown, final viscosity, peak time and pasting temperature. The swelling power ranged from 4.88 – 11.42 g/g. Solubility index 12.50 – 28.60 kg/m3, water binding capacity 90.07 – 109.90 g/g, amylase 19.13 – 31.52 % while amylopectin 68.48 – 80.87 %.

From the result, starches from selected tuber with a view to determining their suitability for use in industries. White yam is therefore recommended and suitable for industrial uses because it showed consistency in recording suitable values of the desired properties.