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1.1             Preamble


In a world where globalization has taken effect and information is of most importance, one of the largest investments in many organizations is the creation, maintenance, and retrieval of information. It has been proven that in an organization such as a hospitality service community, information is highly essential for correct customers’ record keeping and maintaining data confidentiality. (Okonigene, R.E. et al, 2008). Finding an accommodation or a hotel after having reached a particular destination is quite time consuming as well as expensive. Here comes the importance of online hotel booking facility. Online hotel booking is one of the latest techniques in the arena of internet that allows travelers to book a hotel located anywhere in the world and that too according to your tastes and preferences.

In other words, online hotel booking is one of the awesome facilities of the internet. Booking a hotel online is not only fast as well as convenient but also very cheap. Nowadays, many of the hotel providers have their sites on the web, which in turn allows the users to visit these sites and view the facilities and amenities offered by each of them.

The benefits offered by online hotel booking is endless. Foremost is that it enables one to compare and choose a hotel in a desired location and that too according to your requirements. Since many of the hotel websites furnishes information along with ratings as well as exterior and interior pictures of the hotel, it helps users to get a clear idea of hotel, prior to its booking.

In hotel websites, they not only provide hotel details but also a brief info on the place as well as its attractions. This in turn allows the users to get an idea of the place they are going to stay. Another awesome benefit of booking a hotel online is that it helps you to compare rates. Majority of the hotels across the globe provides details on both regular rates and specials. This feature enables one to book the right hotel with facilities and amenities you require at a rate you can live with. Apart from these specials, booking hotels online in advance can fetch you more discounts.

1.2             Justification for the Project

Due to the current challenges in the lodging world, a new system is been proposed, designed, and be implemented, using PHP (as the web programming language) and MySQL which are free tools that empower application programmers and system developers to quickly get started learning and building web, windows, phone and database applications. These are programming tools that are open source.

This project is expected to eradicate the problems associated with the existing system with the following goals:

  • Information Retrieval— the entire information has maintained in the database and whoever want to retrieve can’t retrieve, only authorization user can retrieve the necessary information which can be easily be accessible from the file.
  • Automation— to automate the process of day to day activities of Hotel like:
  • Room activities,
  • Admission of a New Customer,
  • Assign a room according to customer’s demand,
  • Checkout of a computer and releasing the room
  • Finally compute the bill etc.
  • Packages available.
  • Advance online bookings.
  • Online Cancellation.
  • List of Regular customers.
  • Email facility.
  • Improved Search— the searching of record has been made quite simple as all the details of the customer can be obtained by simply keying in the identification of that customer.
  • User Friendliness— this project intends to introduce more user friendliness in the various activities such as record updating, maintenance, and searching.

1.3       Aim and Objectives

The main aim of carrying out this project is basically to develop a properly managed online hotel booking system for a hospitality institution which becomes the essence to let customer do online booking or reservation.

The study attempts to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To design an online booking system that will provide a faster and more efficient way of performing customer booking and reservation.
  • A well-conceived system and implemented automated system that can maintain data quality as information is analyzed, shared and reported.
  • To develop a secure and scam free online booking website in the case of a customer using credit or debit card to make payment.

1.4       Scope of Study

Online Hotel Booking System can be used in any hospitality institution (hotels) for customer booking and reservation. To also generate customer bills. The proposed system is lied to

  • Managing customer information (booking/reservation details) and also generate bills whenever customer is checking out.
  • Taking care of room status or availability.
  • Taking care of room amenities.