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1.1       OVERVIEW

With the advent of computer system, it is unbelievable feat accomplishment in addition to virtually every area of human endeavour applicability is one of the good things that have ever happened in the history of human existence. The computer has greatly assisted in accomplishing man’s previously manually tackled activities in a much faster speed coupled with indispensable good quality of presentation. As a result of this immeasurable feat of computer system, it will be invaluable to recommend the use of automated systems in every aspect of human’s day to day activities, which include business activities, academics, personal run around, management etc.

This project seeks to design and implement a computer-based store management system (software) for ABAT ICT of Lagos State Government for the proper management of its stock items. Thus, eliminating the problems involved in the manual keeping of records encountered by the store manager.

Stock is a material held for future use or sales. It may consist of supplies, raw materials, in-process goods and finished goods. Supplies are inventory item consumed in the normal functioning of an organization that are not part of the normal functioning of an organization and not part of the final product. Typically, supplies may include system memory, hard drives, keyboards, processor, mouse, power supply units etc. for a computer producing companies (Dolapo, 2012).



The store managers are becoming more technically savvy, and they want to get their stock updated and reflect more on the current snapshot of the stock.  The store department prior to this time manages stock or inventory manually. These methods are prone to many deficiencies such as error in recording, improper stock monitoring, theft issues, stock records sometimes not even in existence, falsification of records etc. The existing system is prone to errors, insecurity, lead time, inability to provide timely and accurate information. Hence, due to these problems encountered in the manual ways of handling stock, there is need for computerized store management system to eradicate the problems encountered in the management of stock keeping at the store department to provide accurate result, timely and reliable information therefore eliminating the problem of lead time (Cambridge, 2012).



The aim of this project is to develop a computer-based store management system for the store department in order to eradicate the problems encountered in the keeping, updating and monitoring of the store, in order to eliminate the problems of manual process of operation. The aim will be realized through the following objectives:




The objectives are to:

  1. To design a store management system at Abat ICT Centre.
  2. To implement the store management system.
  • Evaluate and perform the system developed


1.5       SCOPE OF STUDY

The scope of this proposed system is to develop a software inventory system for ABAT ICT of Lagos State Government only. It involves operating data in the store which can be captured, validated, sorted, classified, stored, retrieved, reproduced and communicated.