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1.0       Introduction

Wonderful kola is anevergreen, small to medium-sized plant with the height up to 20 m and commonly found inNigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Central AfricanRepublic, Congo, Angola, Ghana, amongothers (Mbataet al., 2009). Wonderful kola is an evergreen ranging from small to medium-sized tree, capable of growing up to 20m tall. It is widely distributed in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria among others and its local name include ‘Uworo’ and ‘Aponmu’ (Yoruba), ‘Owi’ (Edo), ‘Essonbossi’ (Central Africa), ‘Uke’ or Okpokolo’ (Ibo), (Quattrochi-Umbeto, 2007). It has been observed that these plants contain many bioactive compounds thereby giving them some medicinal/therapeutic properties. Most of these properties are embedded in their phytochemical constituents which make it a potential phyto-additive explorable for livestock use as an alternative to synthetic antibiotics.

The leaves arelarge and glossy between 15-25 cm long and 5-7.5 cm wide (Akinyele, 2010) withconspicuous creamy white flowers and edibleseeds of medicinal value. Different local names havebeen assigned to the seeds among Nigerians. It is called “Uworo”, “Owi”, and “Uke” byYoruba, Edo, and Igbo people, respectively(Sofowora, 2008).

The seeds derived itspopular name “wonderful kola” due to its greatpotency to numerous diseases. It is also calledmemory nut because of its ability to enhance the memory (Ibrahim and Fagbonun, 2013). B. coriacea seeds have traditionally been used successfully for the treatment of diabetes,rheumatism, hypertension, cold, catarrh, and cough (Adisaet al., 2011). Also, complicationssuch as chest pain, wrist pain, irregular menstruation, malaria, premature ejaculation,dysentery among others have also been remedied with the use of these seeds (Ibrahim andFagbonun, 2013).

Wonderful kola can be usedto improve nervous system and as a blood cleanser. It is specially used to treat migraine inAfrica (Jaiyesimiet al., 2011). Traditionally,the plant is used for many purposes but veryfew were documented. Therefore, this study seeks to extent the frontier of applications ofwonderful kola to the field of nanotechnology.

Wonderful kola has been reported to have antihelminthic, antispasmodic, anti-diarrhoea anti-fungai, antibacterial and anti-diabetic effects (Anowiet al.,2012, Mbataet al.,2009). Buchholziacoriacea is a perennial plantbelonging to the family of Capparaceae(Ibrahim and Fagbonun, 2013).Wonderful kola as it is commonly called is known worldwide as memory nut because it enhances the memory. It acts as cleanser of the blood, facilitates learning absolutely and strengthens the nervous system, and is also effective in the treatment of menstrual problems. It is a brain food which promotes memory, it’s also useful in the treatment of hypertension and also prevents premature aging; it has also been proved in Africa that wonderful kola has the ability to stop migraine headache on the forehead for about 10 minutes (Wikipedia, 2009). This study therefore seeks to assess the effect of wonderful kola in the diet of Isa Brown pullet as a phyto-additive on their haematology and serum biochemistry.

Heamato-biochemicalanalyses are used for nutritional studies for animals(Onyeanusi, 2007) Hematological values could serve as baselineinformation for comparisons of nutrient deficiency (Etimet al., (2014a); Daramolaet al., (2005). According to Yanagitaet al., (2011)factors such as age, sex, nutrition, environmentalcondition and management could cause variation inhaemato-biochemical parameters. Blood examinationgives a clear picture to determine the presence ofmetabolites and other constituents in the body.Therefore, this experiment was carried out to investigatethe haematological and some serum biochemicalparameters of Isa Brown fed graded level of wonderful kola (Bulccholziacoricea).


1.1       Objectives of the Study

1.1.1    General Objective:  To evaluate the effect of wonderful kola (Bulccholziacoricea)           as a feed additive on blood profile of Isa Brown pullets.


1.1.2    Specific objectives

  • To examine the haematological indices of Isa brown pullets fed with graded levels of wonderful kola.
  • To examine the serum biochemistry indices of Isa brown pullets fed with graded levels of wonderful kola