Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

In the below compiled frequently asked questions (FAQ), You will get answer to some questions that may spring up in your mind, while using ProjectLoaded.

How Do I Order For A Project Material?

How Soon Can I Get Complete Project(s) After Payment is made?

As soon as your payment is authenticated and confirmed, the Complete project(s) corresponding to requested topic(s) will be sent to you.

Will Your Topics Rhyme With My Projects?

It is usually advised that projects are not copied verbatim but you will be able to change words to rhyme with your project topics.

How Will My Payments Be Authenticated?

Payment will be authenticated as soon as your payment is confirmed

What Mode Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept ATM/Online bank tranfer, bank deposit with teller

What If My Topic Was Not Found On Your Site?

We are blessed with seasoned writers who can compose and work on topics that are not yet available on the site.

What Am I Expecting To Receive After Payment?

A Complete project research document is what we are sending you that contain Chapter 1-5 and full references.